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Charlevoix County Surnames
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Jeff Cooke Wed Dec 11 11:40:10 1996
I am seeking information concerning the family of Christopher COOK and Elizabeth SCHUMACHER Cook. They moved to South Arm Twp. sometime after 1869. Christopher was born abt. 1839 in Germany and died 28 OCT 1896 at South Arm. Elizabeth b. abt. 1839 and died at East Jordan 18 FEB 1921. Children: Albert, b. abt. 1864, Alvira, b. abt. 1867 and Grace, b. abt. 1869 all the children were born in New York State. Christopher, Elizabeth and Grace are buried at Sunset Hill Cemetery in East Jordan. Any additional information will be appreciated. Thank you.

joe otlewski Sun Nov 17 22:47:32 1996
I am looking for John Frank OTLEWSKI born 1850 in Germany and died June 13, 1913 in Detroit. He first showed up in the city directory in the year 1883. His naturalization papers show him coming to the USA in 1881. His wifes name was Catherine PIETROWSKI, she came to the US in 1872. I am trying to find out if Otlewski is the corecct spelling or was it changed when he came to the USA? I would love to find original paperwork he brought from Germany with as much info as possible and to find original papers when he got off the boat showing what his real name was , place of origin and not just Germany but the actual village or town.He lived on 242 Williams Ave most of the time he was Detroit. Can I get important info from land records that will help me? Where are the land records at? In 1886 a family Albert Otlewski moved to Detroit also on Williams Ave. when Albert died his wife Mary boarded with John Otlewski for a couple years. Albert Otlewski has naturalization papers that say he came to the US in 1882. John had three children born in Germany Vladislaw born 05/1878, Mary born 02/1881, and Balmina born 08/1884. They must have came to the US with another relative or friend, since he came in 1881. John also had a child Annie born 04/1891 and John Otlewski born 1893. This John is my grandfather who had my father in 1918. My grandgfather operated the elevator at the JL Hudsen Co. My Ggrandfather was a peddler. I am pretty sure John got on the boat at Bremen, Germany. and probably came from the Pozen region, that is just a guess!! I really need your help in tracing this man and the paperwork to prove he was who he said he was. Then the big question!! How do I trace him overseas? Any help would be appreciated.

Kim O'Brien Wed Nov 6 14:54:55 1996
Looking for information about James Lovell YOUNG, born 8/27/1854, on Beaver Island, Michigan. Father believed to have been born in Tennessee. James died in Washington State on 6/5/1919. James married Ordelia BOWMAN on April 19, 1882 on Drummond Island.

Kaley Mon Oct 21 21:02:01 1996
Am researching the KALEY and HART surnames from a distance (Mississippi). I am willing to share what I have with others, but so far haven't had much luck locating anyone researching my line. KALEY's came from Ireland to Ontario Canada to Leelaneau County Mi to Charlevoix Co., HART's came from Ontario Canada to Charlevoix County, Mi. Anyone willing to assist me in my research please contact me at Thanx.
Steve Mercer Wed Sep 11 19:11:23 1996
WTC Lumber Camp, (WOODMANSEE, TITMAN, and CAMPBELL) located near the town of MIO? on the Asable River? Looking for any info to be found era 1880's thru about 1925.

Connie Ogden Wed Sep 25 10:45:57 1996
I am looking for Clyde E. BARNHART born June 4,1928 the son of Charles and Mae (TILLEY) Barnhart of Charlavoix Mi.St.James on Beaver Island. would like any info on this family. Thank you

Marianne Morgan Mon Oct 14 05:59:47 1996
The family names I am recshearing are the following: Nelson MORGAN, Johannes WEBER/WEAVER, Charles GUBODY, Blondin THEOPHILE/TUFFIELD, WITMER, Bommarito Samuel, GROES, Anna Marie, WHITE, MERRITT, GIDLEY.

Patrick Garey Wed Oct 16 21:03:49 1996
Looking for death information for John GEARY (GAREY). He was on the 1870 census in Calhoun County, the city of Marshall. His widow, Nora (Honora) was on the 1880 census in Saginaw. He lived in Calhoun County, the Upper Pennisula, Saginaw and the state of Iowa. We believed he died between 1874 and 1880 in Michigan. He was born abt 1830 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

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Charlevoix County Surnames
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