Person Date of Paper Age
Raymond Soloman4/1/1918
Celestia A Kent4/3/191876
Lydie Hintley Sanborn4/3/191879
Mrs William McKetchnie4/3/1918
Mrs D Dickhout4/3/191850
Mrs Hannah Hunt4/10/191879
Anna Dufore4/12/191842
Elmira Kitts4/15/191895
Mrs Joseph Dufore4/15/1918
Irving Minor Conrad4/17/19187 mos
Oliver Moore4/19/1918
Martha Small4/22/191849
W M Conley4/22/1918
Mrs M E Stockham4/22/191868
Samuel Clipson4/24/191835
Mrs P W Miller4/24/191864
Mrs B H Honeywell4/29/191827
Mrs Ole Halvorson5/3/191875
Mrs O R Page5/6/191842
Mrs J T Collings5/10/191865
William A Workman5/13/191844
Mrs Charlotte Spura5/15/191865
Lucy H (Gardner) Collings5/17/191866
A J McCarty5/20/191857
Mary D Lyke5/27/191880
Clarence L Lorraine5/29/1918
Claude Jubenville5/31/191829
Martin Haybes6/3/191860
Mrs Ray Chase6/5/1918
Iola Cole6/7/191817
Daisy Morey Pierce6/10/191814
Roy Hott6/10/191831
Sarah Harriet Marks6/14/191813

HusbandWife Date of Paper
Floyd DavisMildred Healey4/29/1918
C C HammondEmma Wright5/10/1918
Thomas D KetchebawDaisy Summer5/24/1918
Leo TowerElizabeth Bonnette6/19/1918
Frank BurnettMinnie Sheldon6/24/1918
Osmond HastingsMinnie Dixon6/28/1918

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